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Top 5 Cities Affected by the Opioid Epidemic


The opioid epidemic has resulted in more than half a million fatalities since 2000, and it is expected to cause another 650,000 deaths over the course of 10 years. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors have pushed the sale of prescription opioids, claiming they are safe, effective, and all-purpose pain relief solutions. However, they failed to provide adequate warning about the serious health effects and addictive nature of opioids.

Opioids are narcotic drugs that relieve pain, but they also produce a sense of euphoria. When taken in too large of a dose or for more than 3 months, these drugs can cause dependence, addiction, and overdose. Over time, the body will build up a tolerance for opioid drugs. This means patients have to take more of the drug to feel the same effects. Since opioid drugs have a similar composition to heroin, they are very addictive and can result in death.

While the opioid epidemic has swept across the country and affected people from all walks of life, there are several cities that have suffered significantly more. The top 5, according to recent studies, are:

  1. Wilmington, North Carolina
  2. Anniston, Alabama
  3. Panama City, Florida
  4. Enid, Oklahoma
  5. Hickory, North Carolina

Statistics show that these cities have the highest number of opioid prescription abuse in the United States. For example, nearly 12% of patients taking opioid prescriptions in Wilmington, North Carolina are misusing the drugs. More than half of all opioid prescriptions that are filled in this city are abused by their recipients.

Several other cities across the rural South, including cities in Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida, have also seen high rates of prescription opioid abuse. The problem is deadly, and state and federal governments are filing lawsuits against the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to hold them accountable for fraudulent and aggressive marketing practices and negligence.

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