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The Lifetime Costs of Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral palsy is a medical condition which will last a lifetime. Those who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy will require ongoing an extensive medical care. Frequently, sufferers of cerebral palsy will also face other medical issues, including vision and hearing impairment, cognitive challenges, and seizures. This condition is the result of brain damage which occurs during pregnancy, during birth, or shortly after birth. Because of the ongoing care that is necessary for individuals with cerebral palsy, the cost for families can be enormous.

Breaking Down the Lifetime Costs of Cerebral Palsy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), raising a child with cerebral palsy may cost a family up to $921,000 over the course of the child’s life. This cost is in addition to the regular expenses associated with raising a child, but it does not include the costs of emergency medical care, out-of-pocket-expenditures, the economic impact of taking leave from work or quitting to care for the child, or the psychosocial effects of raising a child with cerebral palsy. The financial costs can be enormous, but there many non-economic costs that a family will also pay.

Indirect costs make up the largest portion of these costs. Indirect costs can be a challenge to calculate since they often are far more subtle than the expenses of medical bills. Indirect costs include reduced productivity at work and home due to caring for a child with cerebral palsy, when a parent needs to reduce their work hours or quit work to care for a child with cerebral palsy, or when a child has never been able to work to support themselves as they move into adulthood.

Of the $921,000, the CDC estimates:

  • 80.6% ($742,326) will be in indirect costs.
  • 10.2% ($93,942) will be in direct medical costs.
  • 9.2% ($84,732) will be in direct non-medical costs.

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