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Participating in sports or other recreational activities may always come with a risk, to some extent. Injuries caused by the negligence or mistakes of some individual or company, however, could be far more serious. If you were injured while participating in a sport or other activity and you believe your injury was caused by another, you may have a personal injury case.

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Establishing Liability

There are a number of different parties that may be held responsible for any injuries sustained while playing sports or participating in other recreational activities. If a product malfunctions or breaks, causing injury to the user, it could be considered a case of product liability. In such situations, the product manufacturer may be held liable for the resulting damages.

Or, in other cases extremely reckless or inattentive individuals may carelessly have put you in danger, causing you injury. In the event that the premises where you were injured were improperly kept or dangerous, the property manager or owner may be held liable for the resulting injuries and damage you endured.

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