Kansas City Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claims

File a Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claim Before November 16, 2020

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of a Boy Scout leader or volunteer, you are not alone. Bertram & Graf, L.L.C. is currently accepting Boy Scouts sex abuse claims in Kansas City and throughout the rest of Missouri.

Since the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was founded in 1910, it has been a childhood staple for many young boys (and, since 2017, girls and transgender children). However, thousands of accusations of sexual abuse have come to light, and the BSA finally filed for bankruptcy in early 2020.

Considering the latest sexual abuse claims and recent bankruptcy filing, attorneys around the country are working together to gather claims alleging sexual abuse against the BSA. The statute of limitations for such claims has been lifted, allowing individuals to file regardless of how long ago their abuse took place. However, in order to do so, these claims must be filed by November 16, 2020.

We encourage anyone who has been affected by this horrible pattern of abuse to come forward and file a claim. Not only will you be eligible for monetary compensation, but you can help hold the BSA accountable for decades of abuse and negligence.

Call (888) 398-2277 or contact us onlinebefore November 16, 2020 to file your Boy Scouts sexual abuse claim. All consultations are free and confidential.

How to File a Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Claim

Public sexual abuse claims have scandalized the Boy Scouts several times over the years. Now, however, the organization is behind held accountable at a more widespread rate than ever before. Hundreds of new lawsuits have been filed and more and more accounts from survivors are coming to light.

If you are thinking about filing a claim you should know that:

  • Anyone can file a claim regardless of age or how long ago the abuse happened
  • Claims must be filed before November 16, 2020 to be considered

Many law firms around the country are currently taking BSA claims. To file your claim in Missouri, all you have to do is contact our law office. Our law firm has decades of experience handling class action and mass tort (group lawsuit) claims as well as a history of standing up for victims of accidents and abuse.

During a free consultation, we will help you decide whether to move forward with your claim. If you choose to do so, we will walk you through the process and ensure your anonymity, should you so wish.

A History of Sexual Abuse

The Boy Scouts of America has revealed that there have been more than 12,000 reports of sexual abuse filed within the organization dating as far back as the 1950s. The Boy Scouts of America actually made records of these incidents but kept these files internal and rarely reported abusers to the police or made the accusations public. Within the BSA, this list was known as “P Files” or “Perversion Files.”

We understand that, as is often the case with sexual abuse, many survivors have yet to come forward and that this list likely grossly underestimates the actual number of children abused by the BSA. If you have been affected, we encourage you to come forward and claim the compensation and justice you deserve. We know that doing so is far from easy, but we will be here for you when you are ready. All of our consultations are completely confidential, and you can remain fully anonymous if you choose to do so.

The Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filing

In February 2020, the BSA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy protection will allow the Boy Scouts to continue functioning as an organization while cases are being brought against the organization. It also allows them to put together a compensation plan to structure claims payouts.

The current Boy Scouts of America leadership have spoken out in support of the victims, who they encourage to come to forward. BSA’s national chairman, Jim Turley, wrote an open letter stating that the financial restricting was part of an effort to ensure all victims receive just compensation.

You can file a claim anonymously; however, you must file before November 16, 2020. Please contact usto learn more. We are here for you.