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If Baby Formula Caused Your Baby’s NEC, We Can Help

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Right now, the manufacturers of cow-based baby formula brands Similac and Enfamil are being sued by families of preterm infants. The allegations against the companies – respectively Abbot Laboratories Inc. and Mead Johnson Nutrition – are that they failed to warn consumers that their cow-based products were potentially harmful if fed to preterm infants.

Specifically, the companies failed to warn consumers that baby formulas derived from bovine (cow) milk could cause necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a potentially deadly disease. Various studies have shown a strong association between the development of NEC and preterm babies who were fed bovine milk-based formulas like the Similac and Enfamil brands.

NEC can lead to complications that include intestinal strictures, perforation of intestinal tissue, sepsis, cerebral palsy, and death. Treatment for these conditions can involve costly antibiotics and surgeries, which can lead to financial hardship for families that are desperate to save their newest members.

As a result, lawsuits are being filed against Abbot Laboratories Inc. and Mead Johnson Nutrition for failing to warn consumers of the risk of feeding their products to preterm babies. Not only this, but both companies expressly market certain bovine milk-based formulas for premature infants.

If you believe your child developed NEC because of a bovine-based baby formula that you were led to believe was safe, our attorneys at Bertram & Graf, L.L.C. can help. By taking legal action, you can take a step toward recovering compensation for damages that include medical costs associated with treating your baby’s NEC.

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